Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 bidders vie for Winnebago County landscaping work

Seven bidders are contending for an agreement to maintain the landscaped premises outside Winnebago County workplaces and parking lots, and the County Board might award the work to one of the bidders as quickly as April 14.

On Thursday, county Purchasing Department Director Roman Gray opened seven sealed bids from specialists who desire the work. Gray stated he and county Facilities Director Shawn Franks will examine the quotes this week and make a suggestion to the County Board for its April 14 meeting.

A few of the bids were higher than we thought and some were lower than we believed, Gray said. We won't necessarily go with the most affordable bid or the lowest price because there's rather a range in the prices that were bid and we wish to ensure that whatever bid we recommend includes a sound management plan to keep our grounds.

The County Board nixed its landscaping agreement with ADV Enterprises last fall in the wake of a diverse FBI investigation of county spending practices. The new contract ends the county's practice of paying contractors a hourly rate for the majority of landscaping work. Rather, the county is asking bidders to estimate a flat charge for their work. The county will still pay a per hour rate for infrequent, supplemental landscaping services, such as planting and removing trees and shrubs.


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